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The Science Behind the Top 10 Claims from What the Health

9. Health organizations and their doctors are hiding something

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Big-food sponsors of the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society likely influence the organizations’ recommendations. We saw that with the American Heart Association’s absurd recommendations that we should eat more corn and peanut oil. I don’t trust these conglomerates either, but not for the same reasons the film says we shouldn’t trust them.

Kip makes several phone calls throughout the film. He grills the person on the other end about complex health issues, and when they put him on hold to refer him for an answer, the scene changes while Kip laments, “they weren’t able to answer my questions.”

Who exactly can’t answer these questions? The receptionist? The answering service? The janitor? Kip never tells.

He also doesn’t tell us what happened during follow-up communications. Hold on, let me refer you to the appropriate person. The end.

Tip: if you answer a call from Kip, you had better know everything about everything and answer while he’s rolling. It’s your only shot.

Whether he got a return call or not, he paid a visit to the American Diabetes Association. Kip’s interview with the Chief Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association ended abruptly when Dr. Robert Ratner refused to enter into a discussion about recommended diets.

Dr. Ratner explained that the ADA does not endorse any one diet. When Kip hinted at his agenda, Dr. Ratner ended the conversation.

Kip assumed Dr. Ratner’s dismissal means the organization is hiding something. More likely, it wasn’t Dr. Ratner’s first rodeo and he didn’t want to go in circles with a militant vegan.

The takeaway

If you want to be vegan for religious reasons or because you think it’s mean to eat animals, do it in a way that will keep your blood sugar stable and inflammation down. People generally do well on a lower carb vegan diet.[33] It takes careful planning to make sure you cover your essential amino acids, so work with a nutritionist if you don’t trust yourself to consistently plan week to week.

Personally, I don’t think it’s mean to eat animals. I keep animals here on the farm, and they have a pretty great life. If you find an ethical supplier, you can guiltlessly continue eating animal products.

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